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What is QuasiXml?

QuasiXml is a .NET library providing a XML-ish parser that  produces an object model similar to System.Xml. The parser does not care if the markup being parsed is well formed or not, it gives it a shot - but only if you want it to. 

Examples of what you can do with QuasiXml:

  • Parse non-well-formed XML/XHTML into an object model
  • Control aspects of the parsing (e.g. white space normalization and error handling)
  • Insert character entities into the object model
  • Render markup with or without indentation

QuasiXml does not support: 

  • DTD
  • XSLT

  Other Features:

  • No dependencies to the System.XML namespace or any third party libraries
  • Light weight

Read more about QuasiXml on my blog:

There is no documentation at this point. Consult the unit tests for help on usage until further notice.

/Kevin Thomasson

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